Most Popular What Would You Rather Questions to Ask!

If someone was going to ask you a good what would you rather question, what type would it be? It’s an important thing to ask, as there are many different types out there.

Common What Would You Rather Questions

After doing some researching and asking, the following categories were reported as the most popular and sough after.

Funny what would you rather questions

  • Good what would you rather questions
  • Hard what would you rather questions
  • Deep what would you rather questions
  • Adult what would you rather questions
  • Super Hero what would you rather questions
  • Weird what would you rather questions

Examples of WWYR Questions from the most popular choices above.


  • If you had to donate $1,000 to charity, would you give it to the homeless or an animal shelter?
  • Would you rather get a good morning kiss, or a good night kiss?


  • Would you rather make $10,000 every day for life, or $2 million up front and nothing else again?
  • Is it better to wake up in the morning with terrible bad breath, or always go to sleep without brushing your teeth?
  • Who would you rather have dinner with… Adolf Hitler or Osama Bin Laden?


  • Would you rather be extremely smart or extremely attractive?
  • Is it better to have a long life with no friends, or a short life with many friends?


  • High cholesterol or low blood count… which do you prefer?
  • Would you rather die happy in 10 years, or die miserable in 20 years?


  • Would you rather fly or be invisible?
  • Is it better to be in the DC Universe or Marvel? You recide.
  • Who would you rather save you from death? Spiderman or Batman.


  • Would you rather eat a peanut butter sandwich with sand in it, or eat spagetti and meatballs with ants in the meatballs?
  • If you had to have really big ears or a huge nose, which would you pick?

Like Would You Rather Questions?

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